The International Workshop on Symbiotic Interaction is the primary venue to present scientific work dealing with the symbiotic relationships between humans and technologies and to discuss the nature and implications of such relationship, including ethics. As such the workshop sets out to address very directly one of the key phenomenon deriving from current developments in data science, automation, artificial intelligence and sensing technologies.

Early editions of the workshop were organised in Padova (2012, Università di Padova) and London (2013, Goldsmith College). These two workshops were supported by Universities and EU FET project partners to share ideas and extend the collaborative network around this theme. Given the informal nature of these two early events, no proceedings were produced.

Since 2014, in Helsinki, the workshop acquired a more formal structure and its proceedings have been published by Springer in its LNCS series. It then moved to Berlin in 2015 and back to Padova for Symbiotic 2016. Selected Papers of the conference have been published by Springer under an open access license. 

Symbiotic 2016 | Padova, Italy. 

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